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Fake Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology degree, replica RMIT degree certificate, buy fake RMIT diploma, buy fake university degree in Australia. The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology usually known as RMIT University is a research university established in Melbourne, Australia. The university has got a huge campus and has international recognition for providing brilliant vocational and professional education, applied research and other things. Francis Ormond laid the foundation for the university in 1887. It initially began as a night school where courses related to technology, art, and science were offered to students. The university was granted the title of the public university in 1992 after it collaborated with Philip Institute of Technology. RMIT University enrols about 87,000 students every year.

The university holds 17th rank in the whole world in the field of art and design subjects. The main campus of RMIT University is in the centre of Melbourne city and has got huge heritage value as the campus is located in the oldest section of the city. The main campus of RMIT University is the most popular and recognized campus of the entire university. The campus is the perfect amalgamation of its remarkable current architecture and the conserved Victorian-era buildings. The main building of the campus was initially present at the corner of La Trobe Street and Bowen Street. Since then the campus has developed to 87 buildings.

The unique feature of RMIT University is that there are no boundary walls and the whole of the university is spread along the six city blocks covering a huge area of about 720,000 sqm. Due to its huge coverage, the area is often known as “RMIT quarter”.

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