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OUM is the seventh private university in Malaysia. Although incorporated as a private university under the Private Higher Education Institutions Act 1996, the University leverages on the quality, prestige and capabilities of its strategic partners - the 11 public universities. OUM adopts the motto "University for All" which is consistent with its philosophy in democratising education. Buy fake OUM degree, fake Open University diploma, buy fake OUM diploma online, buy fake OUM degree and transcript, best website to buy fake diplomas, best fake OUNM diploma maker online. This philosophy underlies the belief that education should be made available to all, regardless of time, place, age and social economic background. 

The ODL mode is specifically targeted at working adults who need to take care of their families as well as manage their careers while pursuing higher education. Under the able stewardship of the then founder and President / Vice-Chancellor, the late Tan Sri Dr. Abdullah Sanusi Ahmad, and later the second President / Vice-Chancellor, Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Anuwar Ali, OUM has positioned itself as an alternative avenue for the public to gain quality tertiary and lifelong education.
As the first provider of ODL in the country, OUM has played an important role in providing greater access to people from all walks of life to pursue education at the highest level. Buy fake OUM degree, fake Open University diploma, buy fake OUM diploma online, buy fake OUM degree and transcript. In line with our motto, "University for All", we have amongst our learner population; teachers, members of the police and armed forces, civil servants, nurses, employees of private companies and many others.

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